PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy) is an evidence-based treatment (EBT) for young children with emotional and behavioral disorders that places emphasis on improving the quality of the parent-child relationship and changing parent-child interaction patterns. Bridget Sudderth is a certified PCIT specialist with years of experience in education and therapy settings. She has extensive experience working with children and families seeking to reconfigure their parenting practices in order to address child behavior problems.


Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an empirically supported treatment for preschool children (ages 2-7) with disruptive behavior. PCIT emphasizes changing the parent- child interactions to improve the nature of the parent/child relationship. 

Parents who participate in PCIT with their children are taught specific skills to develop a strong, positive relationship with their child while increasing the child's prosocial behavior and reducing the child's undesirable behaviors. 

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