Just Say yes to private pay AND NO TO INSURANCE

by Dr. Canaan Crane

The insurance industry has seen a lot of change over the last few decades. Insurance used to be a product that sold consumers a way to protect and provide care at a reasonable rate. Insurance is now only best described as coverage for catastrophic events (hospitalization, etc.). As costs have skyrocketed, many of our clients have found it more economical to not use insurance but to pay out of pocket instead.

Our clients are wanting to avoid:

  • the hassle of meeting copays and deductibles;

  • having to drive to a larger metropolitan area;

  • not being able to choose which therapist you see;

  • the requirement to have a mental health diagnosis which becomes a permanent part of your health record.

One of the benefits of meeting with a marriage and family therapist is that our clients are able to meet goals much more quickly when family members and other support systems are included, or at least considered, in treatment. Our typical length of treatment is in the 6-8 sessions range compared to the 20-30+ session range for work that focuses on just the individual. When considering having to pay copays and meeting high deductibles, paying out of pocket for those 6-8 sessions was cheaper than using insurance to pay for 30 sessions. Plus, you were able to experience positive change sooner and move forward with your life without having to worry about a mental health diagnosis following you or your children around for the rest of their lives.

The "Institute" in our name indicates that we see our practice as a perfect opportunity for training the next generation of therapists. We regularly offer Master's Level Interns who are finalizing their training as Marriage and Family Therapists, being supervised by AAMFT Approved Supervisors and offer a very economical rate of $20 a session. You receive high quality services since the Interns are closely supervised and you contribute to the development of a budding MFT.