We believe that your health is about much more than your blood pressure or your diet. While your physiological wellness is important, health and wellness also include your mental health, relationship strength, and spiritual well-being. Medical Family Therapy (MedFT) extends the relational approach of Marriage & Family Therapy to include attention to your physical health. As MedFTs, we have an extra appreciation for illness and the impact that it can have on your mental health and relationships. They have worked with a wide variety of chronic and acute illnesses, including cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and many others.

MedFT is an integrative approach that blends the strengths of Marriage & family Therapy with new technologies such as biofeedback and collaboration with other healthcare providers. Some potential areas you might choose to work on with a MedFT include:

  • Making lifestyle health changes, like exercising or eating or sleeping better
  • Adapting your life to accommodate a new health diagnosis
  • Processing the emotional impact of a disease or illness on your relationships
  • Managing or improving medically unexplained symptoms
  • Empowerment and encouragement for navigating the frustrating healthcare system